Registration is Now Closed

Thank you for attending this year's conference! We look forward to seeing you next year.


Onsite Registration Rates

Individual Attendee: $550 (three days) or $330 (single day)

Full-time Student: $350 (three days) or $250 (single day)

Please bring a valid student ID to the conference.

Non-profit Organization: $425 (three days) or $280 (single day)

Please bring proof of your organization's 501(c)(3) status to the conference.

University Affiliate Member: Complimentary

If your school has filled its complimentary slots, the cost is $250.

Please bring a valid school ID.

Refund Policy

100% of original amount refunded if cancelled by 11/15/2012

50% if cancelled by 1/1/2013

25% if cancelled by 1/15/2013

Please direct all other registration inquiries to


Includes three days of conference admission, conference program and materials, Chafee Memorial Lecture, three continental breakfasts, two evening buffet receptions, and Thursday buffet lunch.

Current NCSE University Affiliates  are entitled to up to five complimentary registrations. Please request the complimentary registration code through your school's representative.  Please email  with additional questions related to conference registration or about your University Affiliates membership.

Members of Congress and Congressional staff are entitled to complimentary registration. Please contact Caley Corsello at (subject line: Congressional Registration)

Other registration inquiries may be sent to


 Frequently Asked Registration Questions

1. What's the difference between a "registration code" and a "discount code?"
2. Is there a way to register multiple people at once?
3. How do I modify my registration? 
4. My registration failed, what happened?
5. I am a University Affiliate Member, who do I contact to receive the complimentary registration code?
6. I am a University Affliate Member, but why is my school not listed on the registration pages?
7. What is the discount for non-profit registrants and how do I receive this discount?
8. Who is eligible for the non-profit registrant rate?
9. Where can I find information on hotel options in the DC area? Are there discounted rooms specifically for conference participants?
10. Does NCSE assist with travel and lodging?


 1. What's the difference between a "registration code" and a "discount code?"

A "registration code" is the code you need to start the registration process for your correct registration pathway- whether you are an individual, student, university affiliate member, etc. It is entered on the first page of the registration process. The "registration code" automatically makes the proper adjustments to your registration fee and in most cases you can ignore the "discount code" box.

Common registration codes:
Individual attendee- INDIVIDUAL
Student attendee- STUDENT
University Affiliate- please contact your university affiliate representative (see question # 5).
A "discount code" is unfortunately an item that is unremovable from our registration process. You can ignore this box (that appears on the final page of registration) unless specifically instructed otherwise.

 2. I need to pay for multiple people's registration on my credit card. Is there a way to register multiple people at once?

Yes! On the page that follows the agenda items selection page you will see a page with the people you have begun registering. There is a button for "add person" that will allow you to register another individual. You will need to enter their contact information, proper registration code, select the sessions they will attend, etc. Each person registered will receive a separate confirmation email and will have the ability to change their contact information and sessions for which they are registered.
Follow the link to register (above if available) for the conference. Below the request for your name, email, etc. is a link that says "Already registered?Click here." Follow the link and enter the required information including your confirmation number (this can be found in your confirmation email or you may also click the link on that page to have it re-emailed). To change any personal information, navigate to the desired page by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page, being sure to select "Next" or "Finish" to save any modifications. To change your session options, re-select the session you are currently registered for as well as a new, different session you wish to participate in (two boxes will be checked.) Be sure to click "Next" or "Finish" when applicable to save your changes.
Please contact your University Affiliate Representative (a list of current members and their representatives can be found  here). To receive more information regarding your University Affiliate payment status, number of complimentary registrations, and University Affiliate Representative information please contact
The registration site will only allow Universities that NCSE has received a membership payment for complete the registration process. If your school is not listed it probably means we have not received your membership dues yet. For more information please contact
The discount for non-profit registrants is $395 for three days. You receive this by sending proof of your organization’s non-profit 501(c)(3) status to Once proof of your non-profit status is confirmed NCSE will send you the non-profit registration code. This registration code must be entered in the “Registration Code” box after being prompted to enter your name and email address. Once the registration code is entered, the discount is automatically taken out from that point on. There is no need to worry about additional "discount codes".
Anyone who is employed full time at a non-profit organization that has proved its non-profit 501(c)(3) status to NCSE (excluding universities and governmental institutions). Once the registration code is received at that organization, anyone who is employed there full time may use the code.
For more information on hotel and travel options in Washington, DC please visit our travel and lodging page. There are a reserved number of rooms secured at the W Hotel. Information on how to register for these rooms can be found at the end of your confirmation email as well as online.

Unfortunately NCSE is unable to provide financial assistance for registration, travel, and lodging fees.